Mayor’s Permit Requirements:
1. Cedula
2. Police Clearance
3. Court Clearance

Police Clearance Requirements:
1. Cedula
2. Barangay Clearance
3. Court Clearance
4. Police Clearance Reciept (to be secured from the Treasurer’s Office)

Requirements for Correction of Clerical or Typographical Error :
1. Baptismal Certificate
2. Voter’s Affidavit
3. Employment Record
4. GSIS Record
5. SSS Record
6. Medical Record
7. Business Record
8. School Record
9. Driver’s License
10. Insurance
11. Birth Certificate
12. Land Titles
13. Certificate of Land Transfer
14. Bank Passbook
15. NBI
16. Police Clearance
17. 2 Disinterested Person (Babies)

For change of First Name
1. Employer Certification, if employed
2. NBI
3. Police Clearance
4. Marriage Contract of Parents
5. Borth Certificate of Parents
6. Birth Certificate of Elder Brothers or Sisters
7. Other such clearances as stated above
NOTE: Bring atleast Seven (7) Public or Private documents upon which correction of clerical or typographical error shall be based.

Postal ID Requirements:
1. Original Birth Certificate from LCR or NSO.
2. Original Marriage Certificate from LCR or NSO (for married women).
3. Original Barangay Certification with the copy of the Barangay Chairman’s valid ID.
4. 3 pcs. 2×2 picture in white background, no eyeglasses and in collared dress/shirt.
5. Residence Certificate (Cedula)

Court Clearance Requirements:
1. Cedula
2. Barangay Clearance

Building Permit Requirements:
I. Barangay Clearance ( Permit to construct)
II. Zooning Clearance (MPDC Office)
1. Brief Description of the Project
2. Location Plan
3. Tax Declaration (Latest)
4. Transfer Certificate of title – TCT
5. Complete Plan of the Project
6. Bill of Materials
7. Specifications
III. Lot Plan – 2 copies ( duly prepared, signed and sealed by a licensed Geodetic Engineer, attached license and PTR
A. In a case the applicant is the registered owner of the lot
1. Certified true copy of the Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT)
2. Tax Declaration
3. Current real property tax official receipt or Certificate of Non- Tax Deliquency
B. In case the applicant is not the owner of the lot
1. Duly Notarized copy of the either.
a. Contract lease
b. Deed of Absolute Sale
c. Contract of Sale
IV. Architectural, Structural, Sanitary, Electrical and Mechanical plans – 5 sets duly prepared, signed and sealed by a duly licensed:
A. Architect or Civil Engineer for Architectural and Structural portion.
B. Sanitary Engineer or Master Plumber for not more than 20 units of plumbing fixtures for sanitary portion.
C.Professional Electrical Engineer or Master Electrician for not more than 4 kilowatts load for Electrical portion.
D. Professional Mechanical Engineer for Mechanical ( if any) portion.
(Note: Attach Xerox copy of Engineers licenses and PTR’s)
V. Cost Estimate and Bill of Materials – 5 copies
VI. Specifications – 5 copies
VII. Infrastructures of more than 7.5 meters in height – Structural Design Computation/ Scismic Analysis
VIII. Fire Safety Permit ( to be secured at the chief of Local Fire Service upon endorsement by the Building Official)
1. Building Permit
2. Building Plan (1 set)
3. Bill of Materials and cost estimate

Business Permit
Click here to download Application Form for Business Permit