Also, because of its promixity and beauty, San Diego Beach in Lian, Batangas it is the second highest contributor in terms of number of tourist arrivals


Another highlight in San Diego Beach is the Mangrove Plantation. With the help of LGU (Local Government Unit) of Lian, MENRO (Municipal Environment And Natural Resources Office), Fisherfolk Association and De la Salle students, mangroves has been well taken care of and its continually growing in numbers. Variety of mangrove or “BAKAWAN” species can be found in San Diego such as “BAKAWANG PEDADA”, “KALAPINAY”, “PAGATPAT” and “NIPA”.

Mangroves serves as home for sea species and as a breakwater during storm.


San Diego Beach is also a home for “PAWIKAN” or Maritime Turtles.


Beach Resorts

  • Janet Ballelos Resthouse
  • Dina’s Beach Resort