Matabungkay Beach is in Lian with a white sand beach was originally ‘discovered’ to be a great weekend or daytrip destination in the early 1950s, allegedly by sun starved German residents of Manila. It was soon a popular target for holiday-lovers and permanent cottages (even deluxe beach houses) were built along the beach line (and some into the beach) in the early 1960s by rich Manila folk.




Matabungkay is known to have Balsa’s or Floating rafts on the beach. It has been the trademark of the beach since its the only beach to have this unique attractions/amenities.
The first ever Balsa Festival was held on 18 May 2002, aimed to help the local community by bringing back the town’s popularity in the tourism map. With the continued support of the Department of Tourism, the Balsa Festival has become an annual event that gives both local and foreign tourists a reason to revisit Matabungkay and experience a different kind of festival.
The festival is filled with more activities with the likes of Balsa Race Competition, Balsa Decor and Cultural Dance Competition, a concert and dance party by the beach, prominent media personalities and foreign executives to grace the Balsa Festival.



The first ever Halo Halo festival was held April 05, 2014 at Matabungkay Beach Lian, Batangas specifically in front of Sea Breeze Beach Resort. There was a parade of participants and those who were involve in making Halo-Halo festival a success. It includes Office of the Mayor, Office of the Vice-Mayor, Office of the Governor, Sangguniang Barangay, RNAMI Officers, Ice Cream Vendors, Halo Halo Vendors, T-shirt Vendors, Fruit Vendors, and BOCHOGS. To start the program, there was an opening prayer led by the president of RNAMI (Resorts and Neighbourhood Association of Matabungkay Incorporated), Ms. Nenette Lejano, Welcoming Remarks by ABC President & Captain of Matabungkay, Mr. Teodoro Palahang, who greeted the guests and participants specially the Office of the Mayor and Vice-Mayor, and the Introductory  Remarks led by Mr. Alberto Bautista, MDRRMC and Mr. Braulio Lagrisola, Municipal Vice-Mayor of Lian, Batangas.

Beach Resorts

  • Sea Breeze Rendezvous Beach Resort
  • Max Javier Cottage
  • Tanawan Beach Resort/Matabungkay Aqua World
  • Matabungkay Beach Resort and Hotel, Inc.
  • RAA Emelyn Beach House
  • Sunshine Hotel
  • Alfresco Beach Resort
  • Le Nid Dovillet De Matabungkay
  • Kandahar Cottages
  • La Primavera Beach Resort
  • Chesapeake Resort
  • Ocean Beauty Resort
  • MB Goldfish Dive Resort
  • Royale Tagaytay Beach Resort
  • Parts Resort, Inc.
  • Beach Road Apartment
  • Hidden Reef Beach Resort
  • Inia/Tiago’s Cottages
  • Mahayahay Beach Resort
  • Matabungkay Jet ski Club