centenial_logoThe Centennial Logo is based on the municipality’s VISION and MISSION to make it a WORLD CLASS TOURIST DESTINATION

The SUGARCANE – LETTER FORM of Lian signifies the main product of the municipality – SUGARCANE

  1. The color background silhouette of BLUE, WHITE, YELLOW and RED represents the color of the PHILIPPINE FLAG and the Filipino people.
  2. The figure of SAINT JOHN THE BAPTIST, Patron Saint of the town, inside the 1 (number) does show not only the Municipality’s “God loving citizenry”as “empowered by the guidance of the Divine Providence” but also the Parish as the SHRINE of Saint John the Baptist in the Archdiocese of Lipa considered as Sacred Place both for believers and tourists.
  3. The SEAL of the municipality, inside the first 0 (number) shows its FOUNDATION DATE and at the same time as developing AGRO-INDUSTRIALIZED town.
  4. The picture of the so-called “BALSA”, inside the second 0 (number) signifies that Lian, particularly Brgy. Matabungkay, has been known to celebrate the yearly “BALSA FESTIVAL” as main tourist attraction.
  5. The Tagalog word “TAON” above “the bamboo with indicated years 1915 – 2015 highlights the “ONE HUNDREDTH YEAR FOUNDATION DAY OF THE TOWN AND THE MUNICIPALITY OF LIAN AS WELL.
  6. The CAPITAL LETTERS (IIB) indicate SLOGAN of the Centennial Celebration related to TOURISM: I – sang Pamayanan (One Community with) I – sang Adhikain at Layunin (Common Vision and Mission) B – agong Bayan ng Lian (Towards New Lian)”.