Attention : Tourists of Matabungkay

Apr 12, 2017 / News /

To our Tourist who would like to enjoy the views and clear water of Matabungkay.

With the recent earthquakes that occurred in Batangas Province, the Municipality of Lian is the least affected by this earthquake. However there are rumors that tsunami may hit our towns are very far from to truth.

As mentioned by Philvocs a magnitude of 6.5 and the epicenter is on the sea hitting the Taiwan trench, There is a possibility of Tsunami. But who can predict such occurrence because only GOD knows when such events will happen and I believe that having GOD fearing inhabitants in our locality this will not happen in our time.

So everyone is invited to visit the six coastal Tourism Barangays , namely, Matabungkay, Balibago, Luyahan, Binubusan, Lumaniag and San Diego and enjoy the beautiful beaches of our town.


Dr. Isagani I. Bolompo, MD, MPH

Municipal Mayor of Lian