Another Recognition for the Municipality of Lian and It’s Leaders

Oct 2, 2017 / News /




Progress is a state that all local and national government wants to achieve. The Municipality received an award recognizing the completion of the first draft of the Municipal CLUP or the Comprehensive Land and Water Use Plan. This plan will serve as the backbone of the development thrust of the municipality because it contains the master plan on investment, development and legislative strategies that will cater to the needs of the citizens of Lian and eventually raise the standards and quality of living.

True to its Vision and Mission, the local government aims to make the people of Lian empowered, God fearing citizens in a drug free community and the Municipality, a world class tourist destination while at the same time, promotes agro industrialization without sacrificing the environment and other natural resources. This will be done thru the strong, effective, forward-thinking and God – centric leadership of Mayor Isagani I. Bolompo together with the Sangguniang Bayan and the rest of the public servants of Lian.